Back to School Look #1

Since it’s August and summer is almost over *sob*, I decided to create a back to school look! This is a sort of a metallic 90’s style with a casual edge. Since rose-gold is so popular these days, I thought that I should devote a set to the gorgeous shade. There is a minimal amount of makeup and jewelry, mainly for functionality purposes. I also threw in a reference from the classic anime “Sailor Moon”, partly because the main characters are all in school still. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! (For details, go to my account on Polyvore at: arabellaceleste) 

Modern Look

Hello! A while back I created this look on Polyvore, and I decided to share it! This outfit is perfect for a summer day when you want to have a more edgy-casual-chic look. The bold red lip breaks the pattern of deep blue, black and white to give an air of drama. For details, go to my Polyvore at: arabellaceleste. I hope you enjoy! 

Bag/Perfume Review

Hello! Today I’m going to review a handbag by the brand “Belly Button” and the scent “Coco Chanel Mademoiselle”. So, the bag is hand-beaded satin in an opal pink (the beads go in a swirling pattern), with deep red faux-snakeskin handles. The inside is the same light pink satin, but without the beading of course. This bag is perfect for a night out to dinner or a show, and the color is amazing! I would definitely recommend it! Now onto the perfume; this is my absolute favorite perfume of all! It has a very deep floral scent, it’s not overly sweet, and when first applied, is very fresh. It reminds me of a fresh cut bouquet. The bottle design is extremely lovely- I greatly appreciate the small details such as the gold and frosted glass. It lasts for a very very long time, as most high-quality perfume does. This goes at the top of my recommended products list. Here is where you can buy the perfume: Coco Mademoiselle Perfume

Latest Fashion Find: Betsey Johnson Camera Bag

I have just been in love with Betsey Johnson’s newest bags- especially this one! The details are outstanding! One of the many things that set this designer apart from all the others is her creativity. She isn’t afraid to use color and think outside the box. Not everything needs to be monochromatic and dull! Her pieces have life and spunk, and I really appreciate it!

August Inspiration 

Here is another set that I created on Polyvore. I feel that this one is a good late summer outfit when you want to look and feel your best. This outfit could even be an afternoon picnic date look! I really love round sunglasses, and these ones are a great shade of blue! For details: go to my Polyvore account at: arabellaceleste